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about us

Total Protection Consultants, Inc. is a veteran-owned, insured, state-licensed, and full-service Private Detective agency that specializes in providing all types of investigations (Criminal, Civil & Domestic) with a strong emphasis on risk management, compliance, internal investigations, risk assessment, and vulnerability analysis, emergency response, public safety, search & rescue, training, certification, accountability, and expert witness testimony.

Total Protection Consultants, Inc. is also a certified training academy equipped with a (separate from the Detective Agency). A standalone, state-of-the-art training facility that contains classrooms, conference, interview and training rooms, an armory, and an area designed for firearms simulation to provide the most realistic training modules and scenario encounters intended for active shooter de-escalation and sensitive training.

Our agency is made up of professionals with over 100 years of combined law enforcement, military, emergency response, and management training instructors with government, private investigation, security, and corporate experience with a proven track record of successful results in cases related to theft, criminal damage to property, criminal trespass, threats and violence in the workplace, health care, places of worship, and schools.

Total Protection Consultants, Inc. prides itself on being ‘the most ready in times where the community is at the least ready’ with flaws in existing policies, procedures, and other measures that at times fall short of detecting, identifying, and adequately responding and addressing acts of in-progress crimes and threats of violence.

Total Protection Consultants, Inc. has created, designed, developed, and deployed its proprietary training curriculum that addresses active and mass shootings, de-escalation, and the use of force. This training program is aligned and consistent with the standards, techniques, and methods utilized by the Department of Homeland Security, FEMA, National Safety Council, and other law enforcement agencies throughout the country. 

Total Protection Consultants, Inc. employs the best qualified and experienced seasoned training professionals to teach these courses designed to ‘train the trainer’ for our clients to take this training back to their respective organizations and implement their internal procedures.

Total Protection Consultants, Inc. also provides training and certification to law enforcement, private security officers, private investigators, emergency and first responders seeking advanced tactical training, and the general public who desire to obtain their armed security officer or conceal carry certification.

Total Protection Consultants provided its students with assistance in obtaining gainful employment through its community outreach programs, professional and business network relationships, and other resources and contacts that include the Department of Veterans Affairs and other organizations, including nonprofits.

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