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  * Criminal History  * Concealed Carry  * De-Bugging  * Executive Protection * Employee Integrity Checks 

* Human Trafficking  * Internal Theft  * Infidelity  * Kidnapping (parental) * Missing Persons * Malpractice

* Nursing Home Abuse * Orders of Protection  * Personal Injury  * Process of Service  * Runaways

* Skip Trace (Nationwide)  * Stalking  * Surveillance (Undercover & Covert)  * Trademark

* Undercover Sting  * Video & Still Photography  * Workers Compensation

background check

A background check is the process of conducting searches and compiling:

- Criminal and civil records

- Judgments & liens

- Commercial records

- Assets and financial records of an individual, business or an organization

Many employers rely on pre-employment background checks to determine if an applicant has a criminal history, DUI or other narcotic related convictions that could expose the employer to theft or civil liability.

Total Protection Consultants, Inc. specializes in conducting complete and thorough background checks. We have the capacity of obtaining an individual’s full DOB, SSN, alias names, address history, civil and criminal convictions.


The act of infidelity is best described as when individual (who is married, engaged, or in a committed romantic relation) is being unfaithful or having an affair with another Individual who is not their partner.


Signs of infidelity can include a behavioral or character change, the safeguarding of a cell phone that is password protected, lack of sexual desire, spending more time away from home claiming they have to work longer hours. Unprovoked anger and hostility.


We at Total Protection Consultants, Inc. specialize in infidelity investigations by utilizing many effective techniques such as obtaining vital intelligence information such as identifying other cellular phone numbers (drop phones), email addresses, social media (FaceBook, Whatsup, Instagram and other apps) as well as conducting covert surveillance utilizing high quality cover cameras to capture video & still shot images as evidence.

process service

Service of process is the procedure required by law in which a party to a lawsuit gives appropriate notice of legal action to another party, commonly a defendant. This procedure is essential for any court, or administrative body to exercise jurisdiction over a person to respond to the proceeding before the court, body, or other tribunal.

We pride ourselves on our implementation of superior and innovative approaches and techniques when it comes to serving those defendants who are intentionally avoiding service. We understand the importance of properly locating, identifying and serving a defendant, witness or third party in the most expeditious manner. We also proved emergency rush services for an additional charge.


Skip tracing is the process of locating a person’s whereabouts for a number of reason’s such as serving the person with a summons or subpoena, witness testimony, fugitive apprehension, adoption, estate heirship etc.

Total Protection Consultants, Inc. access to one of the nation’s largest information data base allowing us the ability to gather over a million records consisting of:

- Criminal convictions

- Civil judgments and liens

- Corporate filings

- Assets (real estate, motor vehicles, boats) people locator, email, cell phone and utilities.

We offer a level I skip-trace investigation where we utilize our data base to locate a person. For a person who is being evasive by utilizing P.O. Boxes, other mailing drop facilities or relative’s addresses, for an additional fee, we offer a level II skip-trace investigation where a field investigator is assigned to work the streets and obtain a “proof of life” on the person that we are attempting to locate.


Surveillance is best described as maintaining close observation of a person, place or object. The goal of a surveillance investigation is to obtain and document information and evidence of activity that may result in:

- A criminal act (theft, fraud, embezzlement, violation of a protection order)

- A civil act (worker’s compensation, personal injury, trademark infringement, breach of contract, infidelity, violation of a court order/ injection).

Total Protection Consultants, Inc. specializes in providing superb results. Rather the surveillance investigation is stationary or mobile (requiring the subject to be tailed while on the move) our investigators utilize covert surveillance vehicles equipped with state of the art video and still shot surveillance equipment to obtain and capture high quality images needed to identify subjects and their activity.


VIC (VIOLENCE IN COMMUNITY) VIOLENT CRIMES TASK FORCE: On January 1, 2020, Total Protection Consultants, Inc., in order to assist those who are victims of domestic violence, created a special investigative violent crimes task force and named it VIC (short for Victim).

The investigators assigned to the VIC Unit Task Force were hand picked by the Bureau Chief, Carlos Rodriguez.   The team will bring unique value to the task force such as investigators with a psychology background that will have the ability to identify and document injuries consistent with mental and physical harm.

The VIC unit has partnered with the Chicago Archdiocese, Domestic Violence Outreach program to provide services for victims of domestic violence that include:

  • Removing victims of domestic violence from their current location and transporting them safely to a hospital or shelter.

  • Accompanying victims of domestic violence to law enforcement facilities to file police reports.

  • Accompanying victims of domestic violence and providing protection and guidance in filing for an order of protection.

  • Accompanying victims of domestic violence to scheduled court dates to provide protection. 

  • As licensed private investigators and officers of the court conduct process of service of judicial filings and court orders.

  • Ongoing training and workshops for domestic violence volunteers, parishioners and law enforcement.

Worker's Compensation

In a recent study the National Insurance Crime Bureau reported that Worker’s Compensation fraud amounts to an estimated $7.2-billion-dollar loss across the United States making this type of insurance fraud the fastest growing criminal enterprise. More alarming is that the fraud being perpetrated is not always only limited to the individual worker’s compensation claimant, but the claimant’s worker’s compensation healthcare provider as well who commits fraud when the heath care provider fraudulently diagnoses non-existent conditions, provides unnecessary treatments to receive additional payment or when the heath care provider and the claimant work in ‘collusion’ where the provider agrees to keep the claimant off work and the employee in turn agrees to treatment that they don’t need, sometimes involving a kickback.

Total Protection Consultants, Inc. are experts in conducting Worker’s Compensation investigations. What sets us apart from other detective agencies is our proven and above average success track record that stems from the creation of a SIU (Special Investigations Unit).

The mission of SIU is to utilize our investigative database and other resources such as social media investigations to conduct complete and thorough examinations of each and every case file to gather pertinent intelligence information of the claimant’s:

- Potential additional employment

- Extracurricular activity i.e., (sports, coaching, gym memberships, social clubs)

- Hunting and fishing licensing or any physical activity that would violate the claimant’s medical restriction.

Our goal is to establish and identify an opportunity when the claimant will most likely be active; to minimize our client’s cost.

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