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Domestic Violence

According to CDC (Center for Disease Control) the leading cause of death among woman in the U.S. is being murdered at the hands of a domestic partner.

Every six seconds a woman in the U.S. is hit, sexually assaulted, stalked and held against her will. The Covid-19 epidemic has contributed to an enormous increase of domestic violence leaving women and children more vulnerable.

We at Total Protection Consultants, Inc., have created a Violent Crimes Task Force, VIC (Victims in the Community) The VIC Unit comprises of law enforcement, military, protection specialist, case workers, domestic violence advocates, therapists, life coaches, and other professionals that are trained, experienced and knowledgeable.

We represent our clients by first safely removing them and any children from the unsafe environment and relocating them to a family member’s residence, a shelter other desired and appropriate safe location. We also act as a liaison between our client and law enforcement agencies and the circuit court when seeking an order of protection.


As investigators, we also provide protective serves and a safe escort to court, designated child drop off points and other court ordered appointments/events.  As officers of the court our agency is also authorized and is frequently appointed to serve legal paperwork such dissolution of marriage, wage garnishments, summonses, subpoenas. Furthermore, our agency has the ability, means and resources to conduct resident and vehicle counter-surveillance methods to locate and identify any eavesdropping or GPS devices in order to provide the court with evidence that the respondent has violated an order of protection.

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