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Why are there few Private Detectives and more Private Investigators?

The cost factor associated with becoming a Licensed Private Detective in the state of Illinois can run in the upwards of thousands of dollars. When you consider the cost of the non-refundable application fee, license and test fees and the fact that an applicant must provide the state of Illinois with proof of a minimum of a 1-million-dollar general liability insurance certificate. Other expenses include the physical location of the Detective agency office that requires the payment of rent, utilities, office furniture, computers, and printers as well as Private Detective software and investigative equipment such as video cameras and other surveillance devices and a motor vehicle to perform surveillance investigations. Most individuals do not have financial resources to meet these essential requirements.
Another obstacle is that an applicant is required to provide verification of work experience as a Private Investigator working for a Private Detective agency for a minimum of three years. Many Detective agencies make it a policy not to provide the Private Investigator employee with the letter of verification mostly due to a concern that once the Private Investigator employee is issued a Private Detective license, he or she may make an attempt to solicit the Private Detective agency’s clients. As it stands there is no law, rule or regulation that requires or compels the Licensee in Charge to provide an eligible applicant with a letter of verification. It is for these above reasons that the are few Private Detectives and more Private Investigators.
There is no specialized training or certification required to become a Private Investigator in the state of Illinois. All that is required to work as a private investigator is that the individual possesses a current PERC (Permanent Employee Registration Card) that is issued by the State of Illinois. The cost factor associated with becoming a Private Investigator is less than $150.00.

Why is  this the best time to become a Private Detective in the state of Illinois?

The Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois is one of the largest unified court systems in the United States with multiple district courthouses located throughout Cook County serving a population of more than 11 million residents. Each year more than 2.4 million are filed in Circuit Court Cook County. 

It is important to understand that all these cases rather they are civil, criminal or domestic require some type of investigative work that can include; Process Service, Skip-Trace, Surveillance, Counter Surveillance, Witness Interviews, Background Searches, Employment Verification, Asset Searches, Executive Protection, and many other services depending on the nature of the case.

We have already begun to experience COVID -19’s impact on the economy with the closing of restaurants, stores and small businesses that have left many thousands of people unemployed and unable to sustain a living. These stressful sets of circumstances contribute to elements that lead to disagreements, breaches of contacts, divorce and an increase in criminal activity involving theft, fraud, and deception. There will be a dramatic increase in the number of court filings that will require the need to obtain vital information, facts and evidence resulting in the need of a Private Detective agency.  Professional Private Detectives will be in high demand.

Why be a Total Protection Consultants, Inc. associate?

The answer to this question begins with Carlos Rodriguez, the founder, and CEO of Total Protection Consultants, Inc.



Carlos enlisted in the United States Marine Corps where he served in a top security capacity. After being honorably discharged, he pursued a law enforcement career and attended the University of Illinois, where he earned his law enforcement certification. While working as a sworn law enforcement officer, he earned many accommodations and awards of excellence for saving lives. Carlos also worked as a Street Gang Crimes Investigator and was very effective in preventing the distribution of narcotics and dangerous weapons among the violent street gangs. 

In his previous employment, he climbed the corporate ladder holding executive management positions such as Operations Manager, Executive Vice President, and President before venturing off on his own and becoming the founder, owner, and CEO of Total Protection Consultants, Inc.


As the agency’s Chief Investigator, Carlos utilizes his many years of training, experience, and resources to meet the client's needs. He has conducted many murder, kidnapping, rape, robbery, and extortion investigations. Carlos’s extensive experience enables him to effectively head up all major investigations, especially those investigative cases that require the ability to conduct undercover, covert surveillance, and sting operations. He has been involved in high profile cases and has been featured on CBS, NBC and ABC 20/20.


Carlos’ bio mentions that he climbed the corporate ladder holding executive management positions such as Operations Manager, Executive Vice President and President before venturing off on his own.


However, what his  bio doesn’t mention, prior to venturing off on his own and forming his own detective agency, he held the positions of Executive Vice President and President, he was NOT a licensed Private Detective. Why? How could Carlos be an Executive Vice President and President but NOT a Licensed Private Detective or the Licensee in Charge?  Because an owner of one of the Detective Agencies that employed Carlos would NOT provide Carlos with a verification of employment letter allowing him to be eligible to take the Private Detective exam.


Carlos had to lease the license of a Private Detective who Carlos actually employed! (one of Carlos’ own employees!!) Carlos than waited out the three year to become eligible and have his employee, who was also the “Licensee in Charge” provide Carlos with a verification of employment letter allowing Carlos to opportunity to take the Private Detective exam. This is how Carlos became a licensed Private Detective.


Carlos’ offer of opportunity:

NOT wanting anyone to experience what he experienced in obtaining a Private Detective license is NOT offering a job! but an Opportunity!!!  ***An opportunity to be a Private Detective!! ***  Most Importantly to own your own Private Detective Agency!!

 No Money is Needed….

This opportunity that is not for EVERYONE but for ANYONE who has a desire and a passion to become a licensed Private Detective and own their own agency in three years’ time, once they become a licensed Private Detective.

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