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The difference between a Private Detective and a Private Investigator

Private Detective:


A Private Detective is someone who has met the minimum requirements of being issued a Private Detective license that includes being a former law enforcement or government agent working in the capacity of a Detective (not a Patrolman) with less than one year from their separation from that position or an individual having three consecutive years of experience being employed by a Private Detective agency as a Private Investigator. Once those requirements have been met the individual becomes eligible and must also pass a written test that is administered by the State of Illinois twice a year. The applicant must also pass a thorough background investigation.


Private Investigator:


A Private Investigator is an individual who is employed by a Private Detective agency. A Private Investigator is not authorized to establish a Private Detective agency because every Private Detective agency that operates in the state of Illinois requires a “licensee in charge” who must posses a current Private Detective license.


Private Detective Agency:


Every Private Detective agency that operates in the State of Illinois is required to appoint an individual who is the agency’s “Licensee in Charge”. This individual must possess an active Private Detective license.

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