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Child Custody



There is no higher or more important priority than safeguarding a child, their well-being and their rights.

We at Total Protection Consultants, Inc., make these types of investigations our highest and number one priority.

The founder and CEO of Total Protection Consultants, Inc, Carlos Rodriguez, is a former law enforcement investigator with over 25 years of experience and has worked closely with the FBI/Chicago Police Department’s “Crimes Against Children” Task Force.


Mr. Rodriguez has been credited with the safe rescue and recovery of over 100 minors that fell victim to human trafficking. Mr. Rodriguez, as the Chief investigator assigns himself to EVERY case that involves children who are missing, abused, endangered or at risk of any harm.

Total Protection Consultants, Inc., prides it self on obtaining evidence of child abuse and neglect. Rather it’s a case involving drug or alcohol addiction, or exposing a child to a violence, criminal activity or other situation that put a child at risk, Our agency utilizes all of its experience, abilities and resources to obtain the evidence to provide the court to make a ruling in the best interest of the child.

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