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How Total Protection Consultants, Inc. associate program works

We are seeking individuals who possess a high level of ethics, integrity, and morals that are highly motivated, energetic, goal minded with a strong business sense. Those chosen for the associate program will be provided with all the necessary training, certifications, investigative resources, equipment and marketing material needed to function as a Private Investigator to include office space, internet access, print and scanning, and other administrative needs.

The TPC associate will be provided with TPC marketing material and business cards and all of the resources needed to generate clients that consist of law firms, corporations, small businesses, and individuals. Once that entity becomes a client of TPC, the associate will service that client and will not only be paid for servicing the client but will receive commissions.

In three years when the associate is eligible to take the Private Detective exam, Carlos will not only provide the verification letter but will work with the associate and provide a study guide and classes to assist the associate to pass the Private Detective exam.
Once the associate becomes a Private Detective, Carlos will mentor them as they create their new Detective Agency and allow the client that the associate brought into TPC to be their client in exchange for TPC then receiving the commission.

There is NO out of pocket expense associated with becoming a TPC associate.

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