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Illinois & Utah Conceal & Carry license


We at Total Protection Consultants believe that Conceal & Carry training has to incorporate both academic and a hands-on approach to successfully teach students the law and life-saving techniques to help them protect themselves and their loved ones during a time of crisis.  We offer both the Illinois and Utah Conceal carry courses which can be taken separately or succinctly.  The advantage of taking both classes is 43 states vs. 13 states of being licensed to carry.


  • Illinois & Utah (Non-Resident) Conceal Carry License Non-Veteran  16 hours (Classroom, Home study, & Range) combined.

  • Illinois & Utah ( Non-Resident)  Conceal Carry License Veteran (DD 214 or  retired Military ID required) 8 hours

  • Utah Conceal Carry License (Non- Resident) 6 hours

  • Classes offered in both English & Polish


Our instructor/Range Master is a US Marine Corps Veteran and NRA Certified Instructor in various disciplines, as well as a Certified Chief Range Safety Officer.  His passions are to teach students the importance of gun safety while giving them the skill set to be able to react and defend their lives and the lives of others in a moment of crisis.

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